Begins with excellent quality fruits and ends with excellent quality products
We manage the production, selection, packaging, processing, transportation and commercialization of fruits from the Chanchamayo Valley, Junin - peru
- from our farm to your glass -
no preservatives
acres of
agricultural land
combined years
of experience
tropical fruit
We are a family business that started operations as citrus producers in the central Peruvian jungle in 1956. Our fields in the Chanchamayo Valley are managed in a natural way, allowing our citrus and fruits to reach a degree of ripeness on the tree, guaranteeing the best flavor, freshness and quality of our products. Nature is the main part of our history, it is for this reason that our products do not contain preservatives, colorants, artificial flavorings or added sugars.
We are commited to providing an excellent quality of juice and products focusing on sustainability and the enviroment.
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